The 2013 HANCI Donor Report

The HANCI project also produces an index to determine overall political commitment of donor countries to tackling hunger and undernutrition. This considers factors such as the amount of aid given for agriculture, food security and nutrition and policies and treaties that could impact on hunger and nutrition levels in poor countries.

In 2012 HANCI ranked the UK with the highest overall score out of 23 OECD members despite its overseas aid spending on nutrition programmes accounting for a lower proportion of its wealth than countries like Denmark and Canada.

The HANCI 2013 Donor Report

2013_report Download the 2013 Donor report


The HANCI 2013 Donor Report Infographic


HANCI-Donor-Index-2013-Infographic-logo Download the 2013 Donor Report infographic

You can also download a visual representation of the 2013 HANCI Donor data.